Should you focus on pleasing yourself or your lover?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. The truth is that if you please your lover, he will become more anxious to please you. I have tried it with my boyfriend and he really seems to get massively turned on by it. The truth is that I really enjoy pleasing him because I know that he will please me many times over. I am one of these ladies who like to come a couple of times, and this is the only way I can get around my boyfriend.


Most of the guys that I meet at Bromley escorts are really open minded about stuff and that is why I was so surprised at my boyfriend’s reaction. The first time he made me come twice, he was really surprised and could not get it all. I love being satisfied, and like I say to my dates at Bromley escorts from, a satisfied woman is a happy man. The old saying that you should please your woman more than you please yourself is certainly true. Most of my previous boyfriends have appreciated that.


The thing is that I am really into sex toys. Now my former boyfriends have been okay about that, but my new one was a bit unhappy about it first of all. He was used to his girl friends only wanting to come once, but that is not me. Having an orgasm once is fine, but I want more than that. Most of my dates at Bromley escorts can understand what I am all about and they are now worried when we talk about sex toys. Some of them are really experienced with sex toys and use them with partners.


My boyfriend was really shocked the first time I got my vibrator out. He had said to me that he was not that experienced so I wanted to show him before we got further into the relation. Most of my friends at Bromley escorts said that I made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but I felt that I needed to push some of his buttons. Now he is beginning to get the hang what I expect and I think that things are going to work out between us.


It is not easy to hang onto a boyfriend when you work for Bromley escorts. A lot of guys don’t appreciate what escorting is all about at all and I think this is what makes them uncomfortable. I know that my boyfriend thinks that I am sexuall demanding and that is probably true, but I think that he is beginning to enjoy our time together. Not is he only treating me right in bed, but he is also beginning to treat me to little things. That says it all and I know that many of my gents at the agency who enjoy spending time with me, do the same thing. To me that is a good sign and it means that they enjoy my company. Maybe you would enjoy my company as well.



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