Nap dates the Latest from the States

The girls and I from our London escorts service of went to Las Vegas recently on sort of a busman’s holiday. We just wanted to check out the latest trends in the US , and found out what was going on. To our surprise, since our last visit, things seemed to have moved on. Las Vegas is one of those places that is always very fast moving and happening if you like. You never know what they are going to come up with next in this vibrant town.

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The latest thing in Las Vegas turns out to be nap dates. It is such a hectic town that most people end up really tired. Now when you get too tired, you can call your favorite escorts service and ask for a nap date. It really made us laugh at first, but then we realized that it would fit in perfectly with our London escorts service. Life in London is just as hectic as life in Las Vegas, and it could be that somebody would fancy a nap date with a London escort.

I am not sure how we are going to set up this here in London. So far, we have pitched it to our boss at our London escorts service and he seems rather keen. Yes, it is unusual but at the same time it is a matter of staying ahead of the game. I think that we can actually do that with a little bit of hard work. We need to promote the service and tell our dates what it is all about. Fortunately, our escort service in London is very centrally located, so it is easy to pop in for a nap.

Yes, it may seem totally nutty, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that we sleep enough. It could be that our gents would really like to come and have a sleep with one or two girls from London escorts. We aim to make it a sensual and relaxing experience at the same time. One of the girls has suggested that we add something like a massage as well. I think that would work out really well. It will help our gents to relax even more. Yes, it is an unusual service, a bit crazy, but at the same time, I think it will work.

What is coming through next? Well, I don’t know what is in the pipeline next but I hope that it is going to be something exciting. I love all of these different ideas that people are coming up with. Sometimes I do feel that a lot of London escorts borrow ideas from elsewhere. But, I also know that Las Vegas girls borrow things from us such as party girls. We should really make an effort to speak to each other, but we never seem to do that. I think it is a bit unfortunate but we really could do with being better friends with many of the girls from the States. It may end up being a mutually beneficial relationship.

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