Marylebone escorts on modern health conditions

People seem to suffer from health problems such as asthma and many other health problems a lot more these days. At first I thought that we were just becoming sicker because our immune systems are weaker but that it not true at all. One of the girls here at Marylebone escorts developed asthma and she was told that it was because of a direct result of pollution. Modern day London is now one of the most polluted capitals in the entire world and it is good to be aware of that.


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I have noticed that many of my friends at Marylebone escorts suffer frequent colds as well. Like everybody else, I thought it was just because there were a lot more infections going around but that is not true at all. It seems that we are picking up more viruses just because London is so polluted. Pollution can damage our airways and this is one of the reasons that we are picking up so many colds and flues. Also, we get a lot more visitors to London, and this is another reason why we are experiencing more colds.
Skin conditions are another problem that we should look out for. One of the girls here at Marylebone escorts came down with a bed case of eczema. Just like many other asthma sufferers, she thought it was because she was allergic to something that she had eaten but that is not the way. It turns out that she had been using skin creams with a lot of parabens in them. Parabens are a form of pollution and they actually come from the petro chemical industry. They are used in many skin care products and can actual be very harmful to us as well.
Eye infections is another thing that a lot of doctor see a lot of these days. I had to take a day off from Marylebone escorts recently to go to the doctor with an eye infection. At first I thought it had something to do with a mascara that I had been using but that turned out not to be the case. I had actually caught an eye infection which was related to airborne pollution. The many vehicles in London produce a lot of small particles that can get into our eyes, and they can cause eye infections. I did not have an idea at all, but I am glad that I know a bit more now.
London is indeed very polluted, and we have to be careful. Like so many of the other girls here at Marylebone escorts, I have started to wonder how many of our diseases and health problems are caused by pollution. I am beginning to think that a lot of them are. You can now get special pollution filters for your car, and I have had one of those installed. As yet, I am not sure if it is helping, but I think that you need to try many different things. Plants around the home helps as well, and I have put a lot more plants in my home. Hopefully it will help to reduce pollution in my immediate area and make me less likely to pick up infections at the same time.

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