Canary Wharf Escorts on Blondes

Canary Wharf  escorts agency from has been really busy so far this summer. A lot of the girls have been busy dating in West London as there has been such a shortage io escorts in West London. The owner of the agency, Sara, also owns a West London agency and the girls have had to do some work there. Sara says that there is a huge demand for hot blondes in London this year. In previous years, the situation has been manageable, but this year Sara had to pull girls from her agency in Canary Wharf. She says it made it difficult to service both areas.

Canary Wharf Escorts on Blondes

Canary Wharf Escorts on Blondes

Canary Wharf escorts do benefit from having their sister agency in West London. They have learned a lot about clients needs from this agency and on top of that, the girls have been able to swap experiences. As it stands, the most popular service with both agencies is still one to one dating, and Sara says she believes this will continue. The West London agency is a VIP agency and they have a lot of very sophisticated dates. They are not interested in things like duo dating or escorts for couples. Most of the gents enjoy some regular one to one, says Sara.

The girls at the Canary Wharf escorts agency also provide a lot of massage services. Sara says that this never used to be so popular but it seems that the local gents of Canary Wharf now really appreciate a good back rub. It is unusual to see such as rise in one service from the agency, says Sara, but it does however reflect changing attitudes towards escorting in general. Sara says that she believes that escorting is becoming more acceptable in the England and a lot of gents now enjoy the company of escorts on a regular basis.

Of course, like Sara is keen to point out, divorce rates are at a record high and a lot of the gents who date my Canary Wharf escorts are divorced. They are in their 40’s and 50’s and do not want to start any new relationships. A lot of them appear to be licking their wounds still and have taken divorce quite badly. It must be very difficult for them and some of the escorts have told me some real hard luck stories. I feel for them, and when this goes wrong in that stage of life, it can be easy, says Sara.

Canary Wharf escorts services are not going to be adding duo dating and escorts for couples in the near future. Sara says there is not call for the services at all in Canary Wharf and for the time being she is going to stick to what the girls know best. We may add party girls this year, says Sara. It is a very popular service and I know that a lot of young chaps travel into Canary Wharf for stag parties. I feel like I am losing business so I will certainly be looking to add the service later this year, perhaps in the autumn.

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