Are independent women more attractive?

I have always dated what I would call “dolly birds”. Okay, it is not a very positive thing to say about a woman, but I know that my girlfriends have not been the smartest or the most independent women on the block. Since meeting a girl who work for London escorts, I have realised that independent women are much more attractive and more fun to be around. There is something about which is difficult to explain, but I know that I am not the only to fell like that.

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Monica has been working with London escorts for about ten years. Not only is she one of the sexiest ladies that I know, but she is one of the smartest as well. I think it has to do with the fact that she has been forced to work out what life is all about all on her own. When I first arrived in London, I did not realise that their were girls like Monica around. She grew up without her parents giving her a lot of guidance, but she has still managed.

At the age of 29 years old, Monica owns an apartment and a house on the Isle pf Dogs. She rents out the house as it yields her more money that way and lives in the apartment. All of this she has been able to achieve thanks to working for London escorts. At the moment, she is in the process of looking around for her third property which is going to be an investment outside of London. She is always on the go, and is even setting up a business from home.

Once she has found that third property, she is planning on leaving London escorts and working from home. It makes me laugh, but when I was 29 years old, I would never have dreamed of doing what she is doing. She is really street savvy and calls me an over educated twit from time to time. It is true, I am and I am not sure that all of my fine “book learning” has amounted too much. At the age of 48, I still live in the same flat that I lived in when I was 25.

What I really like about Monica is that she take the initiative and makes things happen. She is the first girl that I have met how calls me up and says that she has booked us a weekend break. Monica has this habit of picking me up in a her car after her shift at London escorts, and telling me what we are going to be doing. But, at the same time, she is always open to suggestions and I do get a chance to say my piece. All my friends are charmed by her, and she even managed to charm her way into many of the ladies in my masonic circle. They think that she is the girl for me. Do I think that she is? I know that she is the girl for me.

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