Adult Long-Term Relationships

Everybody wants to find Mr. or Mrs. Right in his/her life and definitely, no one wants to leave this earth alone! However, some individuals fail to find the so called lifetime partner because they don’t take time in making their decisions on whom to marry. Since we are living in a world full of jokers, you need to evaluate whoever comes around to know if he/she befits your heart. That said, the big question now is, “how do you know if he/she is the one?” Here are some few questions you need to answer to get an insight of the kind of person you are about to spend forever together.

1. Do you get inspired and be more than what you are? Being with your partner, you need to be elevated rather than being held down. When you are together, you need to feel more than a man/woman and at the same time be better for her/him.

2. Is there love between you two? Any relationship cannot exist without love. Either of you should show an unconditional love to each other which is not contingent of wealth, personal success, social status, family background or even career accomplishments. Your love should be attributed to who your partner is, in terms of character, values or ethics.

3. Do you foresee a future together? You should see your one being with you for the rest of your lives: for better and for worse, in riches and in poverty, in health and in sickness. Love is a lifetime affair, the players should stick with each other no matter the obstacles coming their way.

Having answered these questions correctly, you should also be aware of the following problems along the way while pursuing your long term relationship.

1. Infidelity/cheating- This includes financial infidelity, internet relationships (sexting), emotional infidelity among others.

2. Sexual problems– These include loss of libido and questions regarding your partner’s gender.

3. Boredom with your relationship affairs.

4. Domestic violence including verbal and physical abuse.

5. Failure by one of you in playing his/her responsibility for example financial support regarding the children’s education.

You should therefore try to overcome these problems so that you don’t become a victim of unplanned marriage. Some people opt for long distance relationships to overcome the boredom of being together for long. It is still healthy to be in such affair provided you set some rules like regular communication and surprise visits so that you can manage your expectation. With a genuine goal in mind, you can succeed in any relationship whether long distance or not.

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