A five year relationship with a London escort ended up in marriage



Of all the people I know in life, there is only one girl who makes my heart beat faster. For me she is one of a kind and we have a stable relationship throughout our relationship. i am very happy that someone like her ended up with me, she is pure at heart. i am talking about my London escort agency girlfriend. The woman who never gets tired of loving and caring for me for straight five years. She is with me through thick and thin in life. She was there when life gets hard for me, that London escort supported me in every way in life. That London escort never gives up on me even I gave her lots of reasons to. i am so blessed to have a woman like her. a woman who remain loyal to me throughout the years. i knew that in her profession there are lots of temptations around her, but she never gives in. in fact, she was the one who stay away when she feels like clients are getting too close to her. I just find myself lucky being with a London escort, she is an ideal woman. This London escort has many suitors but out of everyone, she chooses me to prove myself to her. I am done with cunning girls, in today’s world; it’s getting harder to see whose intention is true to you. Whose intention is clear and white? I am happy that someone like London escort is never been like that, she showed to me her real self. She showed to me that she is not like any other woman. She proved to me that her love is forever and were bound to be together for a long years. She is the kind of woman I will never get tired of loving because she never gives me reasons. She always there for me when things gets rough. She is there for me when no one else was, that is why her presence to my life helps me to become a better version of myself. She helps me to achieve all my dreams and goals in life. This London escort’s edge in order for me to obtain what i really wanted that i never thought I could do. She deserves to be happy and given a life that is good. She is the one i am looking forward of marrying. I am very excited to become his husband now that we are engage. I always see her being a mother to our child. She is everything to me, and i do not want to lose her. That is why i am very dedicated to her. This year is a great blessing for us; months from now we will officially married. We are all busy setting up the event. I can see in my London escort eyes the happiness and excitement. I can’t wait to marry a London escort

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